Pest Control Milton Keynes

  • Stop the spread of harmful diseases
  • Prevent damage to your house
  • Eliminate thousands of pounds in costly repairs

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Our Services

A wide range of 24 hour pest control services near me in Milton Keynes. Some of the services include:

  • Rat and mice control
  • Bed bugs control
  • Pigeon control
  • Cockroach treatment
  • Wasp and hornets treatment
  • Ant Control
  • Moth control
  • Bat control
  • Squirrel control 

Some of our customer reviews …

“Wasps eradicated and garden safe again. Would never call out anybody else in my area.” Jo Millard, Wolverton

“We had a pigeon problem at one of our venues. They were over running a section at the rear. It was an unsightly mess with damage to the building. Josh and his team were very knowledgeable. They recommended the best long term solution. As of today, the pigeons have been removed, they cleaned up thoroughly and secured the area from further nesting. Top job, fair price and great communication from the lads.” Will Witcomb, Bletchley

“A very knowledgeable and efficient team. Cannot rate them highly enough. They offered a 12 month guarantee which was reassuring.” Terry Dunn, Milton Keynes

“We thought we had a mouse problem in our loft but they quickly let us know it was a squirrel. He was knowlegeable, friendly, confident and efficient. Great service with the follow up checks to make sure the problem was properly taken care of. Great value. Highly recommended.” Sarah Ramsey, Olney

“I finally managed to get a decent nights sleep after your technician got rid of the mice in the attic. Great service. Keep it up!” Anna Miles, Milton Keynes

“Had solar panels installed but never considered we’d have pigeons nesting under them. The fouling and smell was awful. Thanks to Josh and his team for nipping over and doing a quick and tidy job. It’s only been a day but pigeons seemed to have moved on. I’m reassured by their 1 year guarantee but doubt I’ll need it.” Heather Mills, Milton Keynes

“Thanks for saving our sanity! We had a bad bed bug infestation which the first company we got in failed to resolve. In the month since 1st Call have been round, we haven’t had any signs of bed bugs. The 12 month guarantee is reassuring given the first company we used. Thanks again chaps! “ Matt Reed, Winslow

“Quick response and effective service! Thanks” Matt Willis, Woburn Sands

“These guys were friendly and gave me lots of advise abd reassurance over the phone. They fitted me in quickly and worked out an affordable price. Bed bugs can be very hard to  get rid of but after only 1 visit the issue has been sorted” Ellie Saunders-White, Milton Keynes

“Goodbye pesky pigeons and their smelly mess. Cant thank you enough lads!” Amtoj Singh, Milton Keynes

Pests are quite destructive and they will find ways of invading your property even without an invitation. Most people lack the proper knowledge and skills to deal with pest infestations. If you are a resident of Milton Keynes, you may need to engage the services of a specialist.

Find yourself asking “who is the very best pest control service near me?”

Look no further, 1st Call Pest Control are a highly experienced team of pest control and management specialists with over 25 years experience in the industry. We are pleased to offer affordable 24h pest control Milton Keynes services. In our years, we have helped businesses and residents get rid of unwanted pests in Milton Keynes.

Our services are efficient, humane and professional and will ensure that your property is safe and free of all pests. We are experienced pest controllers and we have a wide range of services to offer to suit various budgets. If you have noticed any signs of pests in your home, you should give us a call right away and let us eliminate the pests. Our technicians have experience helping both tenants, landlords and the Council alike.

Pests are known to be harmful and they can cause a number of problems. They tend to transmit diseases, cause structural damage and will contaminate water and food supplies. We have so many years of experience in domestic and business pest removal, proofing and control and we can handle all manner of pests, including rodents, crawling insects, birds and any other type of nuisance creature. We are skilled pest experts in Milton Keynes and we will use safe and effective methods to eradicate all the pests. You can count on us to do a thorough job at an affordable cost.

Crawling Insects Control

Our local pest control solutions for crawling insects come with tons of benefits. You may choose a number of DIY solutions to handle these insects, but this does not seem to work. Allow our experts to deal with all manner of crawling pests in your home or business. We have effective solutions to remove roaches, bugs, ants, termites and so many more. Most of these insects have a very high reproduction rate and failure to remove them in good time will only make matters worse. A small infestation can grow to become a serious problem that affects your property to a great extent. Call our 24 7 pest controllers and we will deal with all types of pests and get rid of them in a discrete manner.
Bed Bugs
They feed on blood so signs of infestations are bite marks on parts of your body. You might spot tiny black dots (faeces) and blood stains on your sheets. Good at hiding, not needing to feed for months and attaching ourselves to our personal effects, they spread very quickly.
Blood-suckers that spread diseases like typhus, bubonic plague, cat scratch disease and tularemia. They can jump over long distances and are carried around in the fur of pets and rodents. Thriving in moist and warm conditions, infestations occur mostly in Summer.
You might be thinking “Why do I have ants in my house?” Ants come indoors in search of food and shelter. Pet food, sugary and ripe fruit attract them. They spread unhygienic matter, detritus and allergens and can damage electricity, phone and PC networks causing fires.
They are attracted to environments with poor hygiene. They breed rapidly and pose serious health risks as they are carriers of Salmonella, Dysentry & Gastro-enteritis. Their droppings has also been linked to eczema and asthma.

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Flying Insects Control

Flying insects are rather fast and you may have difficulties removing them yourself. Some of the common flying insects that we remove include flies, bees, mosquitoes, wasps and crickets among others. These insects tend to lay eggs in different places and may end up contaminating your food and water and this can cause a number of health problems. We are happy to provide the quality insect control services and we know how to handle all types of insects. We will carry out an inspection of the property and ensure that we have identified all the areas where the pests have nested and remove them. Our pest killer services are suitable for commercial and residential clients in Milton Keynes.
Wasps and Hornets
They feed on blood so signs of infestations are bite marks on parts of your body. You might spot tiny black dots (faeces) and blood stains on your sheets. Good at hiding, not needing to feed for months and attaching ourselves to our personal effects, they spread very quickly.

Rodent Control

Rats, mice, squirrels, bats, raccoons, and opossums are some of the rodents that may find their way to your property. When they find access to your home or office, they will create a nest and start to repopulate. We are pleased to provide professional rodent removal services and we know how to deal with all manner of infestations. These are dangerous creatures and they pose a great danger to your loved ones as well as your property. Our comprehensive services will cover every area from the start to the finish. We will locate and remove all the rodents in your home and seal all the entry points. We will disinfect all the contaminated areas and leave them clean.
The long-tail field and the smaller brown-grey house mice can squeeze through narrow cavities. They are excellent climbers, carrying diseases such as salmonella and leptospirosis quickly through the house.
The black and brown rats are most common in the UK. Active mostly at night, you’ll probably see evidence of infestation in the form of rub marks, holes, gnaw marks on cables and droppings shaped like grains of rice.
You might be thinking “Why do I have ants in my house?” Ants come indoors in search of food and shelter. Pet food, sugary and ripe fruit attract them. They spread unhygienic matter, detritus and allergens and can damage electricity, phone and PC networks causing fires.

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About Our Team

We are a company that has a great team of experts who are licensed and certified. We have undergone professional training to ensure that our services are effective and dependable. We have the right equipment to use for our professional, environmentally friendly and pet friendly pest management services in Milton Keynes, and we remove all the vermin without any hesitation. We always strive to provide our fantastic clients with safe and effective solutions and we have a great team of exterminators. When you give us a call, we will carry out a thorough inspection and see to it that we have identified all the areas that have been affected by the pests. We are pleased to offer our pest control services across the city of Milton Keynes.

Pests are known to cause serious damage and discomfort and this can make you suffer a lot of stress. The fact that they carry and transmit diseases means that they will endanger your family. When you have a full-blown pest infestation on your property, you may suffer a huge loss as a result of property damage. To prevent such issues, you can count on us and we will be glad to provide our world-class services to all our clients. We are available to offer emergency pest control services 24/7 in Milton Keynes. Our services are professionally executed and are affordable. It does not matter the size of infestation you may have on your property, you can count on us to handle it.

We simply serve both commercial and residential clients and we are proud to offer discreet pest control management using biological methods where possible at an affordable price. Our team of pest controllers are not cheap but are experienced and will use the best methods to remove the pests and prevent future infestations at a price that is reasonable. We are always looking to achieve total customer satisfaction and our services are comprehensive and guaranteed to produce the expected results. DIY pest control may not be effective and you may have a recurring problem. Give us a call today and let us exterminate all the pests that may have infested your property.

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We come out at no extra charge to assess the infestation and damage to your property, locate the pest entry points and provide you with a no-obligation quote for the most appropriate and effective treatment for your situation.e.
3. Treatment
Our technicians arrive fully equipped with specialised equipment and pesticides from some of the best providers in the industry. Depending on the infestation to your property, they carry out the full or first course treatment and block all entry points.
4. Aftercare
We carry out all follow-up treatments as agreed with your upfront and provide you with all the relevant information to prevent re-infestation. Our service is backed by a FREE one-month guarantee.

Most Common Questions

What areas do you cover?
We attend to both residential and commercial properties in all postcodes in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.
How much do you charge?
It depends on the type of pest, the degree of infestation and the type of treatment that will be most effective. Call us 24 7 on 01908 015 925 or fill out our contact form to give us more information and we’ll provide you with a free no-obligation quote.
What should I expect from your technician when they visit?
Our technicians will carry out a survey of your property to determine the size of the infestation and extent of any damages. Once you have given the go ahead, they will apply the first course of treatment, block any points of entry and provide you with the important information to prevent further re-infestation. In some cases, a number of applications might be needed but that will be discussed with you upfront and form part of our initial quote.
Do you offer pet-friendly pest control?
Our insecticides are applied in low concentrations powerful enough to kill small insects but not harmful to pets. That said, it is best that pests are removed from the site of treatment for a couple of hours after treatment.
Is it possible for you to come out the same day?
Depending on when we receive your call and where you are in Milton Keynes, we are able to provide an emergency response to your home or business within 2 hours.
How can I be sure your treatment will work?
Our service is backed by a 1 year guarantee. If the problem reoccurs which we are confident it won’t, we will come back and put it right at no extra charge. We also have over 20 years experience dealing with all manner of pests. We serve as the No. 1 sub-contractor for many large pest control companies. That’s right, our competitors trust us with their customers.
What equipment do your technicians use?
We use equipment and pesticides approved and provided by some of the best pest control equipment providers in the industry.
Do I need to leave my home when it’s being treated?
It depends on the treatment being applied. If we have to spray an insecticide, you, your family and any pets will have to leave the space for at least 2 hours.

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