Four Signs You Have Rodents in Your House

The main rodent pests that we typically get called out to deal with are rats and mice. If you are wondering if you might have a rodent problem on your premises or abode, there are a few tell-tale signs that you can look out for.

One of the most obvious signs that you might have rats or mice in your home would be from the noise that they make inside your walls, attic or ceilings. You would typically hear them at night when they are most active in search of food, new water sources and bits and pieces  to build their nests. The noises they make can be gnawing as they chew their way through wood, cables and wiring, scampering and scratching as they move around your property and sometimes squeaking as they communicate, particularly with mice. Rats generally do not make verbal noises that humans are able to hear.

Chew Marks
One of the most worrisome issues for home or business owners is that rats and mice can cause a lot of damage to property. Rodents  constantly gnaw to sharpen their incisor teeth so you might find that wires, wood, paper or cardboard that have been chewed on. This debris can potentially and quickly become a fire hazard.

Unsightly droppings
The discovery of mice and rat droppings is usually what typically alerts homeowners that they might be an infestation of some very unwelcome residents. Mice droppings are dark brown with pointy ends with no more than 6.35 mm long. Rat droppings are between 12mm and 19mm in length and differ in shape depending on the type of rat. A build-up of mice and rat faecal matter can cause the spread of bacteria, contaminating food. Dried droppings can release airborne hazards which can cause breathing difficulties.

Strange Pet Behaviour
Typically your pets with their acute sense of smell can detect rodents a lot earlier before you do. Rodents will set up home safely away from the reach of your pets so usually the only way they can indicate the presence of a mice or rat nest is by scratching at the area.


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