Rats always leave trails of their presence behind, so it’s easy to know you have a potential rat problem if you are keen. Here six common signs of rats existence and solid pest advice for getting rid of rats.


– Rat droppings
One of the very first things indicating there are rats in your home is their droppings. Brown rats have dark brown droppings that resemble grains of rice. Rats are capable of producing over 40 droppings per night, and they tend to do so in specific locations.


– Rat holes
Brown rats like to live inside holes, so they often dig extensive tunnel systems where they hide and store food. You will find holes in hidden areas such as next to structures or solid objects in most cases.


– Rub marks
Rats have very poor eyesight and will often use similar paths when moving to and from their holes. Therefore, you are likely to see dirt and fur from their bodies on surfaces they often brush against. In most cases, they use skirting boards and walls.

– Gnaw marks
Black rats are known for their tendencies to climb on surfaces, often leaving gnaw marks on cables, wires, or items stored in the roof space. Therefore, if you suspect that you have a potential rat problem, you can check for gnaw marks on wires and cables on your loft. For brown rats rarely bite surfaces. Instead, you will hear the noise they make when grinding their teeth.

· Footprints
In case you have a dusty loft or rarely-used building, you are most likely to find foot and tail marks left behind by rats when moving. To establish if the rats are still present, sprinkle fine flour in the area you found footprints and check if there are fresh tracks the next day.

· Rat nests
Rats use shredded materials to make their nests. If you don’t spot nests, check for shred cardboards, pieces of clothes, and other soft materials that they use to make a nest in burrows. They can also make nests in lofts, under eaves, in cracks, and under eaves.

If any of the above ring true for you, contact our rat control team who will be happy to hemp.